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Kathy Kasten

June 18, 2012

mind control “…After 20 years of experiencing many highly strange events which could not be explained away as merely bad dreams, lucid dreaming, or some type of neurosis, I decided to search for some answers to my own internal questions – i.e., address the reality of these highly strange events. I had been trained in empirical data collection in the field of archaeology. Another scientific field that seems like an immensely long detective story with clues surfacing over hundreds of years of time. Patience is a secondary requirement of that science just as it is for Ufology. In 1990, I began to think in terms of modeling a scenario which included the possible method for selection of target individuals and the possible technology utilized to implement various procedures which I theorized were being performed on a cross section of women like myself. I had not yet decided who was the controller of the highly strange events – “aliens” or humans. Together with academically written documentation, I read all the early UFO “abduction” investigators (Hopkins, Jacobs, and Fuller). In their books, I found no evidence of the types of experiences I was going through…Then, strictly by accident, I found Martin Cannon’s paper, “The Controllers,” during a search on the INTERNET with the browser request of “mind control.” I must credit this author with providing the suggestion which sent me in the direction my research now takes me. Although, Mr. Cannon only suggested the “alien” scenario as a cover for something else, I feel I have taken that suggestion to its logical conclusion. In his paper, he mentions the MKULTRA experiments directed by the CIA, DoE (AEC), DoD, and the Veterans’ Administration, and specifically discusses the work of Drs. L.J. West, John Lilly, and Martin Orne. All these scholars/doctors participated in covert research projects involving mind control, as documented in the Congressional Hearings of 1977. As I began to search by the names of the principal investigators, to my surprise, I found ample physical evidence/proof of human involvement. Not just a few documents, but hundreds of studies suggesting humans are quite capable of fulfilling all requirements of my model of altered perceptions of reality to be able to insert a cover story of “aliens” as part of the kidnapping procedure. (At this writing, the list of documents/studies continues to grow.) Additionally, I contacted the Freedom of Thought Foundation and through that organization was guided into researching the work of many more doctors/academics…” (How I Decided to Become a Loud-Mouthed Woman By Kathy Kasten Feb. 1996)

externally pulsed voices and electronic attacks “…After 1989, my research into the matter of politically motivated tracking of targeted individuals (TIs) started in earnest. Now, however, the tracking took a new twist. Previously, it appeared that the “trackers” needed to be in close contact. After 1989, or perhaps even some years before, the nature of the tracking became more insidious, more difficult to collect evidence that it was taking place. I realized that some outside source was invading my subconscious, i.e., accessing me while I was asleep/in an altered state, usually around 2:33 A.M. I began to wonder what passed through my area with such regularity. A clock could actually time the phenomena…I am not the only targeted individual (TI). As late as last week, I was in contact with two more people/TIs. How many times have I heard stories similar to my own? At least a hundred. Through other advocates of covert harassment, I know of hundreds more. Harassment is continuous for many of the TIs. Some of the advocates are dying. Daily tormented by the externally pulsed voices and electronic attacks to their bodies. I do not live in the “normal”/typical domicile in order to keep down the amount of harassment. There is the background memory of the days of living in the same house for 11 years, and remembering what an easy target I had made of my daughter and myself…” (The Voices In My Head?)

computer-generated mental visualization – “…The implanted microscopic brain chip110 performs two functions. First, it links the individual to the IIC, creating a seamless interface between the user and the information resources (in-time collection data and archival databases). In essence, the chip relays the processed information from the IIC to the user. Second, the chip creates a computer-generated mental visualization based upon the user’s request. The visualization encompasses the individual and allows the user to place himself into the selected battlespace.” Do not be fooled by its forward-looking statement. That statement would not be made if the technology were not already in place. Remember the above statements as we put the pieces together to show control of individual via electronic harassment. The following statement from the same source more directly relates to McVeigh and other soldiers whom I have heard from during my investigations: “Ethical and Public Relations Issues. Implanting “things” in people raises ethical and public relations issues. While these concerns may be founded on today’s thinking, in 2025 they may not be as alarming. We already are evolving toward technology implanting. For example, the military currently requires its members to receive mandatory injections of biological organisms (i.e., the flu shot). In the civilian world, people receive mechanical hearts and other organs. Society has come to accept most of these implants as a fact of life. By 2025 it is possible medical technology will have nerve chips that allow amputees to control artificial limbs or eye chips that allow the blind to see. The civilian populace will likely accept an implanted microscopic chips that allow military members to defend vital national interests. Further, the US military will continue to be a volunteer force that will freely accept the chip because it is a tool to control technology and not as a tool to control the human…” (Timothy McVeigh Was Telling The Truth)

Kathy Kasten is a researcher, investigative journalist, human rights activist. You may remember her as the author of an article recently published on RMN, Remote Viewing and You…Kathy is on staff at UCLA and lives in an RV in Los Angeles. Kathy has been targeted for political persecution and harassment for many years, due to her human rights activism. Kathy…publicizes all the harassment she is targeted for and brooks no nonsense from the goons, no matter what they do… (Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA)

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