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T.I. Speak Out! 1/2

November 10, 2018

I’m glad you are chronicling your experience. I’m in the same position as you are in for so long, surprisingly things will get better as you learn more…

I would like to give you some advices…

First, stay healthy, eat well and exercise.

Second, if you decide to be active online, no matter what you do, make sure you present yourself well. This is always about perception. Do not make yourself look you are losing it. Your sanity is the number one goal, do not lose it.

Third, live your life, do the things you enjoy.

Fourth, do not isolate yourself to everyone.

Final word for you, no matter what you do, Learn to filter and ignore. Stay positive and refocus to the good things.

Do take care of yourself.

Below are videos that might help…

#ThoughtJustice, #DoreenDotan, #Bella, #BrianG, #estahrox, #ChristiLynn, #Eva888, #HaveNoMoreFear, #DeEs, #TargetedMinnesota, #DrKatherineHorton, #RaiJo, #BillBinney, #OSEH, #targetedindividual

  1. Tami Dickson
    November 11, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    HI I have posted your website on my website yet I have not found any contact information until this email. I have been stalked harassed assaulted and smeared for many years. Now I am being energetically attacked everyday and night when I am trying to sleep. We must come together under authentic common law, spiritual law to take these people down together. I have posted this information on my website http://www.galacticfriends.com please get back to me to set up meeting in Vancouver BC Canada. I live around 6th and commercial area. Be Blessed Tami Dickson Nov 11/18
    Galactic Friends ā€“ Together Joyfully co-creating a …
    Folks stop take time to sit ask your spirit to drop your personality ego down from your head into your heart chakra allow this to happen a few times a day and feel the physical changes for you and your world!


    • @ffv
      December 25, 2022 at 11:41 pm

      I hope you’re well and safe. Because this whole crime is so covert and if you reveal what we are all going through people will think we’re crazy. So we have to be smart and be remained sane.

      Please take care of yourself. Prioritize your health. Surround yourself with people that cares about you. And continue to do things you enjoy and love doing.

      If you wish to survive this you have to take care of yourself first and so that you can help others.

      May God help us all.

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