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Whitsitt’s drawings of DEW attacks

July 4, 2010

About Larry Whitsitt – Larry Whitsitt is an American from San Jose California and a Victim of electro-neuro psychotronics mind control abuse since January of 1978. “I did not like the discrimination of the psychotronics weapons on my financial status, and workability, of being successful, which was affected at varying levels of the past 24 years. What parents think, “is torture for me” and “torture for them,” over the years, but we are stuck with it!” He wrote down on the TI forum at Raven1.net web-site. He further explained that: “the neurological stress systems programs, the remote video of the silent thoughts, endless talkage, recording, and assessment, subconscious assault going too deep with subconscious murder, sex abuse in both extremities, loss of marital status, rights to have children, loss of constitutional rights, leaving us alone in the dark, with no way out. I hope technology advances into something more compatible with human kind, and not primitive, and barbaric, like now, not like advanced man.” He was reported to be recovering from Cancer in 2003. Here are his drawings which I believe are very common to targeted individuals.

Electro-Neuro Mind Control Via Satellite

Electroneuro psychotronic weapons

  • Used to have others function take over yours
  • Other persons decisions on matters, court, government decisions, zombie control for CIA non-consensual operational use in coordination by the FBI on private citizens

  • Plunges in and out at various speeds through a program, then starts all over again
  • Most widely used device over time to victims
  • Intolerable disturbance
  • Imagine 8″ laser beam making above snake-like movements
  • Used in same device as #1 alternating motions at times
  • intolerable disturbance

  • Revolves about one revolution per second
  • Lots of drag on brain variables
  • Devices 1,2, and 3 used in connection with another device causes total ruination

  • 1/2 inch laser beams to eyes extending a little more than halfway through the eyeball
  • most use size over time – 3/4
  • 2 inch has 12 inch laser fans offset one behind the other
  • most viscious of abuse uses 2 inch beam to the eyes

  • Used to cause heart dysfunction
  • Used “every single time” a psychotronic victim uses extension ladder, to go on roof
  • Causing gulping
  • Reverse laser – rips on heart – enters slowly then rips out rapidly
  • can knock someone off a ladder almost when used severely

DEW targets other body parts (in this clip, a foot)

DEW targets other body parts, (in this clip, neck, back, foot)

DEW targets other body parts, (in this clip, arm, hand)
In this clip, Darrim Daoud A.K.A. Winston Smith showed his facial burn received from directed energy weapons that also deprived him of sleeps. He died on November 15, 2009 at the aged 34.

Source: Pictures Drawn by Larry Whitsitt, TI Raven1.net

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