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Personal Affirmations

February 19, 2012

“Laughing is a unique coping tool that can release stress, lower blood pressure and stimulate feelings of joy,”

affect a positive change – “…Daily affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself repeatedly in an effort to affect a positive change in your life. Affirmations are simple, short messages they are not meant to be complicated, confusing or negative in anyway. To ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations you must try your hardest to fill them full of emotion and desire. A positive expectant attitude will strengthen your affirmations and you will attract people and circumstance into your life that support your positive thoughts. When you are saying them to yourself you do not want to just repeat them over and over, they must be repeated with emotion and conviction for them to have a true affect on your life. Using daily affirmations to bring about a desired situation is a very positive way of controlling what goes on inside your mind and in the environment around you. You have the power to draw positive events into your life. The whole intention is to embed the positive thoughts into your sub-conscious mind. You see the way we talk to ourselves, repeating these statements over and over causes us to take what we say to ourselves as the truth. You must take control of your thoughts because the thoughts you choose to think and believe in the moment are creating your future. These thoughts form your experiences every minute of your life…” (Daily Affirmations For Positive Personal)

part of life’s learning process – “…The one thing that we can all be sure of in life is that there will be the need to face change and/or changes however it may arise at various times and stages throughout our lives. Change can come in many forms and may be welcomed or feared. Change can help us to develop and evolve both on a practical and on a spiritual level. Change of any sort, whether at first it appears to be positive or negative, should be treated as part of life’s learning process. As life is a learning process the degree of learning and development will naturally depend upon each one of us and our willingness and ability to see the significance of the changes that occur and to incorporate them into our lives in the most positive way possible…” (Personal Development – Positively Inspirational Quotations and Affirmations)

the present tense “…As with all positive thinking, affirmations must always be phrased in the present tense as if the desired result has already become an absolute reality. This will attract and influence Energy in accordance with The Law of Attraction, in turn creating the reality of the object of your affirmations within the inner spheres of the Universe, which reality must then in turn subsequently manifest into the physical world where the benefits can be realised. It is also important that the affirmation, like positive thinking, is never stated in the future tense, for example, “I will have a job promotion”; this implies the indefinite future, that a negative situation already exists, and the result cannot therefore manifest positively into your present reality. Rejecting all negative thoughts and replacing them only with their opposite, most positive affirmations will result in positive vibrations of Energy that will eventually manifest into your own physical life and reality in the form you most desire. An excellent time to repeat affirmations, with as much sincerity and emotion as possible, is just before drifting off to sleep at night, and just after waking in the morning before arising. At these times your conscious Mind is most in communication with your subconscious Mind and therefore the inner causal spheres of Energy. Repeat the affirmation throughout the day; write down the affirmation on notepaper and place copies of your affirmation around your home, repeating the affirmation frequently, and whenever you are reminded to do so. If you make use of a personal computer for long periods of time, it is a very good and effective idea to have a copy of your affirmation on your PC desktop utilising some appropriate software. You might not always notice the affirmation, but it will still be integrated into your subconscious Mind where it can begin its effect…” (The Proper Use of Affirmations and Subliminal Messages for Personal Power)

language to communicate will take you to where you want to go. No more sitting on the sidelines wishing you could be like someone else. Affirmations are your secret weapon on the road to success. Affirmations are the rocket pack that you plant in your mind that will blast you past everyone on the journey. Just like in Star Trek — ‘Engage number one, warp factor 9!’. No need to be a drone trudging up life’s long path, personal affirmations will strip you of your self-limiting beliefs and condition your mind to attain your goals, and become a goal oriented success machine. Affirmations work. Anyone who says differently doesn’t know how to create or apply them. People who’ve used them properly and effectively will tell you — they work. People use affirmations all the time. Even people who say affirmations don’t work use them. The assertion that ‘affirmations don’t work’ is in itself and affirmation! A foolish and negative affirmation, but an affirmation none the less. Human kind has used affirmations in one form or another since humans have used language to communicate (Affirmations for Radical Success).

your subconscious mind – “…If you really do want to change your life, some aspect of your life, or change yourself, how you view yourself or some unpalatable behaviour or bad habit, it’s your subconscious mind that you need to impress. It holds all the keys, has its hand on all the levers and its feet on all the pedals that either get your life moving in the fast lane or, more normally, grind to a complete and juddering halt. In order to impress your subconscious mind, you’re going to have to become like a little child all over again – not childish but childlike. When you were a child you paid full attention to the reality of the moment, using all of your five senses – that is how you took onboard your current set of beliefs about the world and who you think you are. As an adult, you pay little or no attention to reality – your subconscious mind kinda makes your reality up for you as it goes along! – with all the normal consequences. You’ve got to come back to your senses, to relearn how to pay more attention to what is before your very eyes, rather than pay attention to the subconscious baggage that’s weighing you down. The normal subconscious is buried in the past. The key to your future is to be found in the present. After all, the present moment is the only place and time where life is actually lived. As such, you have to re-learn how to pay attention to what is actually going on, not what your subconscious mind, looking through its dirty lens of past events, thinks is going on. This re-learning process involves training yourself how to pay attention to what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste. In practice, what does this entail? First of all, your training has to be done in peace and quiet – you need to make space for yourself where you will not be disturbed for at least ten minutes. For a start, it is easiest to start by working one sense at a time – remember, your normal adult mind is not wired to do what you’re going to do so it will react and rebel. You will find your mind wandering and thinking useless thoughts like ‘this is silly’ or ‘this is abnormal’ – that’s the whole point of course – you want to be abnormally happy and successful…” (Do positive self-affirmations actually work?)

The theory of self-affirmation is a psychological theory that was first proposed by Claude Steele (1988) with the premise that people are motivated to maintain the integrity of the self. The ultimate goal of the self is to protect an image of its self-integrity, morality and adequacy. On the whole, integrity is defined as the sense that one is a good and appropriate person and the term “appropriate” refers to behavior that is fitting or suitable given the cultural norms and the salient demands on people within their culture. This theory explains why people respond in such a way to restore self-worth when their image of self-integrity is threatened. In this theory, people would respond to the threat using the indirect psychological adaptation of affirming alternative self resources unrelated to the provoking threat. As a result, these “self-affirmations” enable people to deal with threatening events and information without resorting to defensive biases, by fulfilling the need to protect self-integrity in the face of threat. In fact, this self affirmation allows people to respond to the threatening information in a more open and even-handed manner (Wikepedia).

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