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Hacking & Computer Crime in General

February 23, 2012

ISP and surveillance ­ “…When the FBI supplies one or more ISPs with all the information it has on a targeted individual, ideally the ISP then gives the FBI all of the information that individual is uploading or downloading via the ISP’s network. The ISP programs its networks to flag, for instance, an e-mail message travelling to the IP address associated with the surveillance target. The network then knows to grab this message when it reaches one of the ISP’s network hubs. All of these snagged e-mails are then turned over to the FBI. This is all perfectly legal according to digital wiretapping laws. The problem that has come to light may have already occurred to you if you’ve been using the Internet for more than five minutes: IP addresses can be disguised, and apparently no one uses his real name (or even his criminal alias) online. Just ask MySpace. Or ask the programmers who build spam-filtering software that catches maybe 1 percent of the spam attempting to slam our inboxes every day. So what’s the FBI to do when the ISPs can’t identify the IP address associated with a particular suspect? According to CNET and its sources, which include current and former FBI agents and at least one former employee of the Justice Department’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, the agency just takes everything and sorts it out back at home. In this funneling approach, if the FBI requests everything an ISP has on a surveillance target, and the ISP is unable to identify the IP address associated with that target, the FBI takes entire chunks of data from the ISP’s network database and looks through it for the information it needs. This data could include communications and Web-surfing histories on people not named in the court order and not suspected of any crime…” (Is the FBI reading my e-mail?)

hackers will find value – “…Many companies and individuals assume that their networks or computers would not be of interest to a hacker. The truth is, hackers aren’t necessarily always after data that they can steal. Hijacked computers can be just as lucrative for them, as new additions to their stables of zombie computers and botnets. When they get into a computer, they install a backdoor that allows them to access the computer again later to command to send spam, disseminate illicit materials or take part in hacking campaigns against other computers. In most cases, with the speeds of current computers and internet connections, the computer user may never notice that their computer has been compromised…Even if a computer is literally empty with no data, let alone any data of value, hackers still find value in it. Even a computer with no data has raw computing power and an internet connection, which can be exploited for a number of nefarious schemes…” (Hackers Target Your Computer)

computer related harassment – “…Cell or Mobile Phones, unless you have no way of other means of communication, do not use cell or mobile phones. These devices can be use to zap you or attack you with radiation. Cell phone can also use for harassment and tracking devices. Be very aware of the mobile companies who are also used to make sure that targeted individuals accumulate bills/debts. It is also used for unsolicited telemarketing and other harassments calls like the most common, “wrong number calls”…PC, when it comes to hacking, targeted individuals will experience several computer crashes even with anti-virus software stored or used. The perpetrators will have access to your computer at home and at work. They will have access to your personal files. They will used and manipulate your files so that you will feel violated and induced the feeling of you have something to hide…USB, If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about but just in case they got crazy, protect yourself by saving your personal files using external devices like USB and discs. Avoid visiting sex related internet sites as they can use this to harass you even if you think that there is nothing wrong with this as you are an adult. Keep your personal documents out of your hard drives and have a paper copies…Social Media, do not get mad if you cannot download your files faster or if you loss connections while downloading your files to you tube and other social network. These are part of the harassments. You will received friend requests from people you don’t know and other comments, that seeks your attentions or opinions on facebook. If you decided to use social media as your platform, be ready with all the harassments. Sometimes it will test your patience. And again, do not assume everyone is there to harass you. Despite all the manipulations of your internet use, treat all the social network, other web-sites and internet uses as platform for your activism and as networking tool to reach out and meet new friends…Blog, If you are maintaining a blog, expect typos and errors. Sometimes your mind can’t keep up with the harassments and you will type several spelling or grammatical errors. Do not loss your cool. Nobody is perfect. Sometimes you will have your web-site being manipulated. Sometime even the clock date display on your PC and web-sites you regularly visits will be manipulated and changed. All to make you feel confused. Make sure to have a paper calendar and other reliable source of info…Jobs, If you are looking for a job, you’ll notice visible job ads both online and newspaper that matches or appeared to be tailored made to your credentials, you’ll apply for it and will received automatic replies saying, the person you contacted is on maternity leave or not available and the e-mail will give another contact person. This is another example of cyber harassment. You can check this by trying to use the same e-mail in a few days and weeks and you will get the same results. I found this accidentally when I try to add all my contacts using the invite options at LinkedIn web site and facebook. I received the same automatic replies from the organizations or person I e-mailed for job ads long time ago. It is unusual or even weird for all these people to be pregnant or on leave at the same time! Make a list of all the companies/person and avoid them. You don’t want to be associated or work for organizations or companies who participate in crimes…” (Electronic Harassments)

Computer crime, or cybercrime, is an evolving international phenomenon. People and businesses in Canada and other countries may be affected by computer crimes that may, or may not originate within the borders of their country. What is computer crime? From a Canadian perspective, the most appropriate definitions may be those contained in the Council of Europe – Convention on Cybercrime [1] (November 23, 2001). Canada contributed, and is a signatory, to this international of criminal offences involving the use of computers: Offences against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems; Computer-related offences; Content-related offences; Offences related to infringements of copyright and related rights; and Ancillary liability. Canada is also a signatory to the Additional Protocol to the Convention on cybercrime, concerning the criminalization of acts of a racist and xenophobic nature committed through computer systems (January 28, 2003). As of July 25, 2008 Canada had not yet ratified the Convention on Cybercrime or the Additional Protocol to the Convention on cybercrime, concerning the criminalization of acts of a racist and xenophobic nature committed through computer systems (Wikepedia).

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