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December 16, 2012

Zhang Huimin “…The most frightening is the usage of the invisible electromagnetic waves that virtually deprived me of any sense of well-being. Not only were my brain and body attacked, my sleep deprived, but also my sense of direction was disoriented. My emotion was under control, and sometimes I sense that they are capable of reading my thoughts, if not seeing what I see. The attack of these unseen electromagnetic waves is often a direct response to my emotional swings, and I figure that the use of mind control machine or thoughts reading is involved in this high-tech surveillance. The persecution continued after I returned to Boston in the summer of 2004, and at the moment I am constantly under the attack from electromagnetic waves, which affects different parts of my body: eyes, heart, nose, brain, and have visibly undermined my health condition. They have now taken over my breath, and at one time made my eyes swollen through continuous attack. I was kept awake at nights, and sometimes hide myself in the closet to escape from the merciless invasion. My own experiences drove me into extensive research, and I discovered that at least two other Chinese intellectuals are under similar electromagnetic persecution. One of them is Chen Yuansen, a writer who has received Canadian political protection for his writing that recounts the brutal history during the Land Reform, a history that has been hitherto kept as a secret by the CCP. Another man has received such attack for over 30 years, ever since the 70’s, because of his refusal to cooperate during the Cultural Revolution. The man is now in the US. The personal accounts of these two victims are enclosed…” – Xiandos (READ MORE)

Chen Yuansen “…One day in December, Chen met a Chinese lady from the Mainland who was working in the IT Department in Montreal. He asked her about the slow performance of his laptop. After she examined it, she told him that the anti-virus software he installed in his laptop also acted as spy ware. She told him, “As long as your computer is connected to the Internet, the Ministry of Public Security in Beijing knows everything that you are doing.” She went on to explain that the software was developed two years ago by a company in Zhongguancun, Beijing for the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. Chen was shocked and wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t know how to explain it to his daughter, and instead went to ask his trustworthy friends for advice…” – Feng Daosheng (READ MORE)

Iris Chang “…There are aspects of my experience in Louisville that I will never understand. Deep down I suspect that you may have more answers about this than I do. I can never shake my belief that I was being recruited, and later persecuted, by forces more powerful than I could have imagined. Whether it was the CIA or some other organization I will never know. As long as I am alive, these forces will never stop hounding me…Days before I left for Louisville I had a deep foreboding about my safety. I sensed suddenly threats to my own life: an eerie feeling that I was being followed in the streets, the white van parked outside my house, damaged mail arriving at my P.O. Box. I believe my detention at Norton Hospital was the government’s attempt to discredit me…I had considered running away, but I will never be able to escape from myself and my thoughts. I am doing this because I am too weak to withstand the years of pain and agony ahead.” …The report stated that Iris had been taking two medications: the mood stabilizer Depakote, an anticonvulsant similar to lithium; and a smaller dosage of Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug commonly used to control mania, which is also thought to reduce suicide risk. Sluggishness is a common side effect of Depakote, because it subdues the manic phase of bipolar disorder by depressing the central nervous system…” – Heidi Benson (READ MORE)

Alan Yu “…The best way to read thoughts is to make the subject fall asleep and dreams because at those time the person being investigated has very little control what his mind is thinking, and this allow the investigator to influence the subject to dream about matters which the investigators think are important. So the investigator will conduct their investigations mostly at night. But you must remember, they can read your thoughts any time even when you completely awake. If the investigators are interested in some special information, then they will not just read the thoughts, but they will also actively direct subject to think about the things the investigators are interested. Not only can the EMR mind machine decode brain patterns, it can also send information to the brain using brain patterns. As an example, the investigators might send a picture of something the investigator is interested to the subject’s brain, and this will trigger the subject start thinking about the information the investigators are after. This also allow the investigators to study the personality and the history of the subject…” – Xxxxx (READ MORE)

Khanh Dac Pham “…I flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I was on the flight, they used brain-communicator weapon to project a man appearing in my brain. He is Hoai Linh, a stager at oversea. He said something during the flying but I could not remember. After leaving Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), I stayed at room No.208 in Orkid Inn Hotel, 258 Jln Pudu 55100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. During two days here, that was awe-inspiring days. Le Minh wing had used high-tech weapons to grill me. Specially, these weapons brought on real torture but it did not track on me. They disappeared my tongue with many tortures. I could not burst out. Then they bended round my body. It was an awe-inspiring sight. They continuously torture me till to become crazy mind and torture body. After that, somebody said “we are Spring Party. Do you want to follow?”. And I said “I do not want to follow politic way”. Then, they did not say anything and I did not hear any their sound. Le Minh wing enforced me to kotow and crawl around the room. They said “you are a prisoner of C.I.A and here is C.I.A prison”. They robbed me a swatch and a hand-phone. Then a Malaysian said “if you want to stay in Malaysia, you have to do the same, crawling”. At that time, I was very crazy and I did that. And they said “a man will come to my room and fuck my vent. And he could beat me”. Then, they said “they are kidding”. After that, a U.S wing, Malaysia & Russia wing argued together. And let me as a sample for torturing…They used an weapon to disappear the water in my body. Then, they had used high-tech weapon as at the room of the hotel. And they incised my inside body and concurrently threatened in mind. They incised me two phases. Second time was more torture. What awe-inspiring was for me! They enforced me to go to the border of Vietnam and Cambodia to carry Heroin to Vietnam for Le Minh. I denied. Theretofore, I said “I want to be death by a shoot at head”. They did not agree and continuously tortured me at the air port. Then, they enforced me to run to a forest. Otherwise, they would shoot my legs. But I requested to shoot my head. They did not shoot and they tried other methods to enforce me into a forest. I was at that forest for a day with their threatening…I reported the police by speaking and then writing a report by the police’s speaking. Then, I found to some hotels nearby for staying but I have not found it. They said “somebody will take you soon”. Then, a Malaysia, tour assistant took me back Orkid Inn Hotel but Time Square Branch. Next few days, I changed the hotel. And they began to swear me all day. Then, I went back to my country. After I went back my country, they continuously threatened me and they wanted to cut my penis again. This time, they projected a man in my brain…” – Khanh Dac Pham (READ MORE)

Takahiro Goto “…I am a Japanese victim of thought reading and mind assaults by media, university professors etc.. This page is against psychotronic abuse of mind-control human experiments. I had no concept and no imagination for mind-invasion until August 1998 when NHK TV media began to make continual verbal attacks through their programs. I had to live with tremendous fear of 24 hours surveillance for five years, and I am deprived of my life for a long time. Many university professors, graduate students and people who know each other participated in this violent operation. I have been deprived of much of my life and opportunities. Helicopters and ambulances continue to torture me making huge noise around me. I was nearly killed. Every one need to understand the horrible aspect of this violent technology and we should prevent to make any miserable human sacrifices…” – Takahiro Goto (READ MORE)

Wenlong Ma “…I live in Taiwan China. My nationality is Chinese. I realized I was attacked on May 2002 in Fuzhou of China. On April 2002, I went to Fuzhou to meet with a girlfriend who was introduced by my uncle. I met with Yuan ( a Taiwan business man in China ) and gave my passport to him. But on the second day, I “heard” that Yuan wanted to kill me, so I ran to Shanghai. Because I was very ill when I was on the train, So I got off train in Wuyi Mountain , Fujian . But on the second day, I felt that some people were following me, so I took another train to Shanghai . In Shanghai I received a call from Yuan ask me to pay him some money. He returned my passport. I stayed in Shanghai for only few days and went back to Taiwan .After I went back Taiwan , the torturers started to torture and harass me. I “heard” all the voices from my neighbors. I lived on the third floor, everyday I heard the forth floor knock the floor, and second floor also knocked the floor everyday. The “Voices” often said” kill his father, kill his mother, kill his sisters”. My dad already passed away on August 95. Now I have suffered for 5 years, I could not read, I could not work, I could not live a normal life, I could not sleep well, I could not think freely. And I was under the threat of murder. I am not the first victim. If we don’t work to stop it, I am sure I will not be the last one.I hope through our hard working, we can stop such fascists torture, we can protect world freedom and human Rights…” – Wenlong Ma (READ MORE)

Soleilmavis “…The first week I stay in Shanghai, they do not torture and harass me. I go to buy some food and also go to buy some CD. But since the second week, they start to torture and harass me very cruelly. And most of the time I have to lie down on the bed. They even don’t allow me to sleep at night for few days. I have to call a cleaner to help me, send letters; buy food; clean house. They start disturbing me listening to music, they never done that before. On 21 Jul, I send some CD to United Nations; I wish that those CD can record their disturbing voices. Their voices sound from neighbors. So I even make a mistake when I write letters to United Nations. I say:” They are in my neighbor because their voices sound come from neighbors house.” There are also some people come to my room and search my things when I am not home. From the Television, I see many people wear ties which the color I like very much. No matter whether they know it is my favorite color or they don´t know it is my favorite color, it is still a grateful thing for me. This always makes me to remember a story…I also send a letter to United Nations to convey my strong wish to go to School to study. Because those voices tortures and harassed me and did not allow me study in Australia, so I wish that I can go to other country to study. I receive a letter from United Nations and tell me even they can not support my study personally, but they give me an address of Europe Union where they have some information for higher education. One day, I also go to Peace Hotel to have a breakfast. I see 2 Australian men and one Chinese man taking their food and they are talking about. One of them says:” I have been to Hong Kong, Thailand and Guangzhou.” The Chinese man says:” It is hard to live a life in Europe…” – Soleilmavis (READ MORE)

Zhang Shujie “…Zhang was called to a meeting with state security agents in the city of Chongqing on February 24, 2011. This was at the start of a large-scale pre-emptive crackdown in China to snuff out discussion of a ‘Jasmine Revolution’ inspired by events in the Middle East and North Africa. Zhang was not allowed to contact a lawyer or to inform his family. Security agents said they ‘knew everything’ about his activities and told him he could be detained indefinitely, i.e. ‘disappeared’, unless he gave them information about everyone he had met or been in contact with, ‘confessed’ his links with the CWI, and agreed to ‘cooperate’ with the security forces. Such methods are typical for the state security forces in China. When Zhang was first taken for interrogation he was held for 28 hours during which time he was made to stand, deprived of his spectacles and refused food for several hours. Despite the fact that he was never formally charged with an offence, his computer, mobile phone and bank documents were seized and examined for evidence. He was warned he could face several years imprisonment for ‘contact with a banned organisation’ and for ‘crimes relating to state security’. He was told that he could avoid this fate if he ‘cooperated’ with the security forces. With no alternative, Zhang agreed to their demands. Unknown to police and against their explicit instructions, he contacted CWI comrades to seek advice and help…” – CWI reporters (READ MORE)

Terukatsu Ishibashi “…Sufferings by the electromagnetic waves in the Japanese version are very varied. this means that the electromagnetic waves can be misused in many different ways. There are, of course, common types of misuses. These common types of misuses suggest that a lot of crimes might be perpetrated by this technology’s misuses. Some serious crimes taking place in Japan these days do not seem to be natural for Japanese society. This reality makes one presume the presence of outside factors, for example, mind-control technology. The fact that the problem is a key to understanding our society indicates that the perpetrator is also deeply involved in Japanese society. The situation would be similar in other countries. The problem must be an inevitability of human history though the total reality is still hidden…” – Entangled in an EM (READ MORE)

Mukazo Mukazo Vunda “…Using a lot of evidence that has surfaced to date on covert warfare, including first hand accounts by those who say they were or remain targets of such attacks, Mr. Vunda presents the argument societies world-wide are actually confronted with ever expanding covert warfare waged against those who are considered threats to the order. Rather than natural conditions or accident, it is these attacks that are responsible for the peculiar, suspicion raising manner a lot of activists, whistleblowers and the like are known to meet their ends, if not that they are the cause for the present negative mental and physical state of a lot of the victims, even the communities to which they belong since this covert warfare doesn’t only manifest as attacks on individuals such as activists and whistleblowers, but as attacks on the entirety of target communities meant at weakening their punch. This can come in the form of the many attacks that have come to our attention to date, of which tetanus vials found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a naturally occurring hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy that when introduced into the body together with a tetanus toxoid carrier tricks it into attacking the hormone too, creating a means of birth control, is one. Another could be seen in the deliberate spread of GMO foods, or the American Alexander Cockburn’s description of a 1960 American Army Chemical Corps experiment where mosquitoes with yellow fever and dengue fever were dispersed in Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida (a predominantly African region), events that were obviously repeated around the world, using different agents, wherever a threat was identified…” – Omega (READ MORE)

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